GP: 8 Backup

Effective Date: 03/99 Downloads: PDF Version    Revised Date: 05/07


To prevent possible loss of data due to file corruption, system failure, system maintenance, or any other unforeseen catastrophe, clinic data must be backed up on a daily basis.  Local agencies and clinics shall assign an employee(s) to be responsible for daily file backups.


Clinics will purchase and maintain a backup system that fits the following guidelines.


  • Data backups must occur on a daily basis either manually or through an automated hardware and or software solution.
  • Data backups must include all data necessary to return to normal business operation in the case of a data catastrophe, particularly the folder where the WIC application and data reside.
  • Backup devices/media must be kept secure during non business hours to protect participant information.
  • Backups must be verifiable by the clinic staff and by state auditors.
  • If CD-R’s are used, then multi-session disks are not permissible.
  • CD-RW’s are not permissible.
  • Old backup media must be disposed of in such a manner as to not allow access to the data e.g. CD’s must be shredded or broken.