GP: 10 Clinic Environment (New)

Effective Date: 07/09 Downloads: PDF Version    Revised Date: 12/16


Local agencies shall establish standards that ensures a positive clinic environment that promotes healthy eating and activity messages and endorses breastfeeding as the preferred method of infant feeding.


The physical environment of WIC clinics is very important to the effectiveness of nutrition services. It has also been well documented as an important component in the promotion of breastfeeding as a preferred method of infant feeding. The clinic site should be participant-friendly and should provide for privacy of the WIC applicants.


Local Agencies shall ensure a positive clinic environment by implementing the following standards:

a.  Clinic shall follow all clinic environment guidelines described in Policy BF: 1 “Breastfeeding Promotion” of the Nevada State WIC Program Policy and Procedure Manual. Breastfeeding Coordinators at each clinic must ensure that guidelines are followed.

b.  Clinics must support the development and maintenance of healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle by:

  i.  Posters, displays, and pamphlets endorse healthy eating and physical activity

 ii.  Vending machines in the vicinity of WIC clinic stock food choices that help build healthy habits

iii.  Healthy eating habits are promoted by all WIC staff

iv.  Active lifestyle is promoted by all WIC staff

 v.  Having a listing of free/low cost physical activity resources available to WIC families

vi.  Having a listing of free/reduced price nutrition resources in the community to help families struggling to put healthy foods on the table (i.e. community gardens, school nutrition info, etc.)

vii.  Staff must receive regular in-services/training on their role in promoting a healthy eating habits & an active lifestyle

c.  USDA’s non-discrimination poster “…And Justice for All” must be displayed in a well-lit, eye-level, prominent location.  See CR: 5

d.  The Nevada State WIC Program Fair Hearing Procedures must be posted in all WIC clinics in English and Spanish in locations where they will be easily seen by the applications and participants. See CR: 6

e.  Clinics must be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990.  See CR: 7

f.  Each Clinic must also display in an observable place posters informing the public that voter registration services are available at that location. The sign must say “Register to Vote Here” in both English and Spanish. See CR: 11 for additional required verbiage.

g.  Provide a smoke-free environment

h.  Provide an atmosphere conducive to learning by being:

   i.  Clean:

1. Include guidelines regarding cleaning and disinfecting of clinic toys regularly

2. Guidelines to ensure all restrooms are clean and fully stocked

 ii.  Clinic written materials are legible and in good condition

1. Designate a staff member to be responsible for reproducing, and stocking handouts of good quality and legibility and to replace those that are no longer in good condition

a.  All printed materials distributed by the WIC Program or materials developed/distributed by the local agencies must include the nondiscrimination statement.  See CR: 5

iii.  Kept at an appropriate temperature

 iv.  Safe

1.  It is highly recommended that all clinic staff is Trained by an OSHA Training Institute on:

a. Bloodborne Pathogens

b. Emergency Evacuation

c. Ergonomics

d. Workplace Violence

e. Any other desired additional courses offered by the OSHA Training Institute that are relevant to WIC clinics

2.  It is highly recommended that all clinic staff be Adult, Child, and Infant CPR Certified by the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross

i.  WIC clinic staff must:

  i.  Be courteous and treat all participants and fellow staff members with dignity and respect

 ii.  Be culturally sensitive

iii.  Be timely

iv.  Be discreet about confidential information  (CR: 1)