GP: 3 No Show Rate Management

Effective Date: 06/03 Downloads: PDF Version    Revised Date: 12/16


To ensure the timely delivery of benefits to eligible participants and reduce the number of applicants or participants who miss their appointments by reducing barriers to clinic access.


Local Agencies are required to maintain a monthly no show rate for all clinics, 10% or less of actual caseload. The State will monitor rates every month. Each local agency which exceeds this standard will be notified and will be required to submit a corrective plan of action within 45 days. The corrective plan should address staffing patterns, operating policies and customer satisfaction issues that could be causing a barrier to participation.

Clinics that exceed the 10% no show rate will be required to call participants that missed their appointment to reschedule their appointments. Clinic staff should keep a record of participant responses as to why they missed their scheduled appointment as a basis for determining if further action needs to be taken. The clinic supervisor will review the comments and make recommendations to the State.

Action steps to decrease no-show rates may include:

  • Reminder calls to participants 1-3 days prior to their scheduled appointment.
  • Follow-up calls or postcards to participants that have missed their appointments in attempt to reschedule.
  • Longer clinic hours for working participants, such as early morning, lunch time, evening hours, or weekends
  • Client survey to determine reasons for missed appointments
  • Allow participants to select appointment dates and times that best serve their needs.
  • Terminating participants after two consecutive months (60 days) of failing to have their EBT card revalidated for purchase of supplemental foods. (reference CT:13)   

Pregnant Applicants

If a pregnant woman misses her initial certification appointment after applying for services, the clinic must attempt to contact her to reschedule the appointment. This attempt may be made by telephone. If she cannot be reached by phone, the local agency will send a postcard or letter requesting that she contact the clinic for a second appointment. This must be documented clearly on the clinic’s application list next to her original appointment.

Contact is not required after the second or subsequent missed certification appointment for pregnant women.