OR: 3 Immunization Screening and Referral

Effective Date: 02/02 Downloads: PDF Version    Revised Date: 01/09


To ensure that infants and children served by WIC are screened for current immunization status and referred for services if needed.



1.  All children under the age of two years will be screened at each certification period for immunization status.

2.  All parents and caregivers will be instructed to bring documented proof of immunization records to each certification appointment. Documented proof includes, but is not limited to, parent’s hand-held immunization record, information from an immunization registry or automated data systems. If proof is not provided, clinic staff should continue to encourage parents/caregivers to bring proof of immunization records at following visits. If available, clinic staff should search the State’s Immunization Information System (WebIZ) for participant’s records.

Failure to produce documentation of immunizations will not affect eligibility or receipt of WIC benefits.

3.  At a minimum, infants and children will be screened for the following immunizations. Clinic staffs are encouraged to record all immunizations if given.

      • By 3 months of age, the infant/child should have at least 1 dose of DTaP.
      • By 5 months of age, the infant/child should have at least 2 doses of DTaP.
      • By 7 months of age, the infant/child should have at least 3 doses of DTaP.
      • By 19 months of age, the infant/child should have at least 4 doses of DTaP.

4.  If the infant/child is found to be under immunized, clinic staff are instructed to:

      • Provide information on the recommended immunization schedule appropriate for the age of the participant.
      • Refer the parent/caregiver to local immunization services.
      • Request the parent/caregiver bring a copy of the updated immunization schedule at subsequent visits.

5.  A copy of the current immunization record or documentation of current immunizations by the CPA will be retained within each participants chart. Clinic staff should also document referrals to immunization providers and refusals to immunize on the participants Service Documentation form.