GP: 6 Local Agency Nutrition Services Plan

Effective Date: 02/92 Downloads: PDF Version    Revised Date: 07/15


Local Agencies are required to submit a Local Agency Nutrition Services Plan (LANSP) at the beginning of each fiscal year to address goals and objectives for the year.


Local Agency Nutrition Services Plans are due to the State Office by the end of each August of the current fiscal year. The LANSP format detailing the requirements of each section below will be sent to the Local Agency Director/Manager annually by the deadline requested by the State Office.


LANSP should include:

  • Evaluation of Previous FY goals- Review and evaluate the goals and objectives submitted in the previous year’s LANSP.


  • Needs Assessment- Evaluate agency’s current practices in the areas of (1) nutrition education (2) breastfeeding education and support and (3) clinic environment and customer service. Provide feedback regarding how practices in these areas could be improved and what resources, if any, would be needed to make the improvements.


  • Program Goals and Objectives- Address those items identified in the needs assessment. Goals: A minimum of two measureable goals from any combination of the following categories: (1) Nutrition (2) Breastfeeding Education and Support (3) Clinic Environment and Customer Service (4) Local Agency Specific. Objectives: (what you hope to accomplish), should include Action Steps and Timelines (how and when will this be accomplished?). Identify Responsible Persons (which staff will be responsible for these activities?) and Evaluation (how will you know that you have achieved your objective?).


  • Training Plan- Addresses in-service training planned for staff. Must include training in nutrition education and breastfeeding promotion and should include presentations from other health/social agencies. A minimum of twelve hours of staff training is required, not including trainings hosted/given by the State WIC Administration.


  • Outreach Plan- (1) Evaluate efforts in the areas of outreach, coordination, referrals, and access to services for the low income employed. (2) Describe future activities planned to: (a) Notify potentially eligible persons of availability of WIC services (b) Reduce barriers to participation and (c) Coordinate Program operations with other health and social service programs. Such activities must include news releases to media sources; outreach to minority and grassroots organizations; outreach to organizations that serve high-priority persons (pregnant and breastfeeding women and infants); outreach to the homeless; and outreach to infants and children under the care of foster parents, protective services, or child welfare authorities.


  • Local Agency Contacts/Employee Roster- Addresses contacts for different program areas in each Local Agency.


  • Bridges out of Poverty component – Nevada WIC is in the process of training all staff statewide in the Bridges out of Poverty Framework, once an agency has received Bridges training (2 days) it is expected that they will address the Bridges out of Poverty questions in their LANSP


Current FFY LANSP documents: Appendix GP: A and GP: B