PE: 1 Local Agency Program Review

Effective Date: 05/04 Downloads: PDF Version    Revised Date: 05/10


At least once every two years each Local Agency’s clinical operations, fiscal management, and food delivery systems shall be monitored for compliance with State and Federal regulations, rules and policies. The State Agency may conduct such additional on-site reviews as the State Agency determines to be necessary in the interest of the efficiency and effectiveness of the program.



1.  The State Agency will provide advance notification of a monitoring visit. Upon notification by the State Agency of a program review, the Local Agency shall make available all requested documentation.


2.  The Local Agency director shall encourage the agency’s executive director and other appropriate personnel to attend the entrance preliminary discussion and the review debriefing.


3.  The Local Agency shall provide adequate work site accommodation for the management audit team.


4.  The program review includes, but is not limited to: Nutrition Services, Breastfeeding Services, Customer Services and Civil Rights, Staff Training and Support; Outreach and Referrals; Food Delivery and Food Instrument Security; Participant Certification; Program Administration.


5.  At the conclusion of each program review an exit review debriefing will be scheduled to discuss strengths and areas for improvements. The State will provide the written review report to the Local Agency within 60 days.


6.  Upon receipt of the management evaluation report, the Local Agency shall submit an action plan as required within 60 days of receipt of the written report. The following should be addressed within the action plan:

  • List each area requiring a plan of action.
  • Identify the actions and time frames necessary to resolve the Areas for Required Action.
  • Include a detailed response of how any deficiencies will be resolved.


The State Agency shall review the plan and may request additional information or explanation from the Local Agency.


7.  The Local Agency shall maintain all documentation of corrective action taken and training attended


The State will provide on-going reviews of the Local Agency to ensure corrective action measures are implemented.


The State will provide written notification of closure of the review.