RR: 7 Monthly Time and Effort Study

Effective Date: 10/03 Downloads: PDF Version    Revised Date: 11/13


State and local agency staff are required to conduct time studies at least one week a month throughout the fiscal year to determine the percent of time spent in the four categories of Client Services, Nutrition Education, Breastfeeding Promotion and General Administration for program cost distribution.



Beginning in October of each fiscal year staff is instructed to complete the following:

  • On the third week of every month all staff will begin recording their time into the four (4) categories listed.
  • Staff will complete a column for each day they are scheduled to work that week. Half and three-quarter time employees are to submit the days they are normally scheduled.
  • There is no carry over of non-working days from one month to the next. If a staff member is ill, on vacation or a holiday falls in this week, staff are not required to make up these days the following week/month.
  • The computer will automatically calculate the employee’s total time for the week. Once all staff have completed their weekly time studies, local agencies are required to compile the total time for all employee categories into one report. Submit this form to the State Office within 2 weeks following the time study each month.
  • Local agencies are required to retain the employees time and effort sheet(s) for a minimum of three years or upon audit resolution.  


Monthly Time and Effort One Week Sampling Instructions:

  • Staff will enter their name, position title, clinic location and date on the worksheet heading. 
  • The time spent in the four program components is entered in 15 minute increments on the worksheet as appropriate. Time may be checked in two increments for the same 15 minute interval, if necessary.

RR 7

  • There are thirty-two (32) lines for each day; one for each quarter hour segment. Do Not Mark Off Time for Lunch. The time sheets only show actual time worked, not time for lunch and breaks.
  • Time Categories include:

(1)        Client Services- Includes all client contact; pulling/filing charts, certification, food issuance, referral and associated travel and training related to these.

(2)        Nutrition Education- Includes all nutrition education, client contact, training and travel to provide nutrition education.

(3)        Breastfeeding Promotion- Includes all breastfeeding promotion client contact, training and travel to provide breastfeeding promotion.

(4)        General Administration- Includes all outreach, vendor monitoring, financial, general clerical, personnel, general travel and other.

  • The worksheet represents one working week. You must submit one sheet with all five columns completed or an explanation written in for why it is blank.
  • Mark an “X” for each quarter hour in the appropriate units (1, 2, 3, 4).
  • The totals for each column and day will be computed into a weekly total.
  • Employee’s signature is required at the bottom of their form.
  • Submit the completed form to the designated person for your agency.

Local Agency Totals

Once all employees have completed their week, compile all data into the following categories that are applicable to your agency;

  • Administrator
  • Assoc. Administrator
  • Program Manager
  • Operation Supervisor
  • Nutritionist
  • CPA
  • Clerk
  • Administrative Assistant

We recognize that all titles are not used at all agencies and that some positions do not work directly with WIC services.

Local agencies will complete a Recap for Compiling Percentages for Positions page for each title with all scores calculated together.

  • Complete all fields; Agency, Position, Clinic and Week.
  • One form will be completed for each employee category. Employees can be listed by name or assigned a number for identification.
  • Input the numbers from the four time totals from the gray shaded area labeled “hours” for each employee.
  • The computer will compile the total time for each category.
  • Once all categories are completed the computer will calculate the total agency number in the “Recap Summary” form.
  • Submit the “Recap Summary” sheet only to the State Office by the due date. The summary can be sent via mail or email.
  • Copies of each employee time sheet and summary are to be kept for audit purposes.