NE: 7 Online Nutrition Education Classes

Effective Date: 02/10 Downloads: PDF Version    Revised Date: 11/16


Federal Regulations require that women, infants and children participating in the WIC Program be offered four nutrition education contacts during a twelve-month certification period. For second nutrition education contacts, separated by certification and Infant Health Assessment or Child Health Assessment appointments (for infants and children), online lessons approved by the State WIC program may be offered to low-risk participants as a second nutrition education contact. This option should be based on a CPA assessment of the participant/family’s needs and preferences


Online Nutrition Education can be offered as a service to low risk participants (as qualified by a CPA or Dietitian/Nutritionist). These classes will be offered through the web site, and may count as a nutrition education contact (See Nutrition Education Appendix NE: H, NE: I for participant instructive handouts). WIC participants cannot be disqualified for non-participation in Online Nutrition Education. All attempts to request delinquent online nutrition education completion must be documented and retained on file.

Clinics offering online nutrition education must follow these guidelines:

1.  The CPA or Dietitian/Nutritionist must :

a.  Review then select specific appropriate classes from available courses with the participant, based on the participant’s categorization (age/stage), current nutrition risks, needs and goals.

b.  Document in the participant’s record the online nutrition education qualification, the name of the selected course they are taking, along with the goal they are hoping to meet.


2.  Clinics offering online nutrition education must establish an email address dedicated for activities and checked the account email weekly at a minimum.


3.  Certificates will be reviewed by a CPA or Dietitian/Nutritionist on a weekly basis. Certificates will then be processed as follows:

a.  Check the participant record to verify the participant was authorized to take an online course.

b.  Verify and document the specific course completed by/for the participant was appropriate for their WIC category. (e.g. a child participant should not receive a nutrition education contact for completion of a prenatal breastfeeding lesson)

c.  If the online course completed by/for a participant was not appropriate for that participant (e.g. a breastfeeding lesson was completed for a child participant’s nutrition contact), the participant must be notified and encouraged to take a relevant lesson instead. This communication shall be clearly and consistently documented in participant records.

d.  Attach the Certificate of Completion to the participant’s file, document the nutrition education contact on the Nutrition Education Documentation Form in the eligible participant’s file and staging of benefits.

Nutrition Education Documentation example:

  • (date) lesson “Secrets for Feeding Picky Eaters” completed (date)”
  • “(date) lesson “Build Strong Kids with dairy Foods” completed (date). Lesson not authorized for infants category; Follow-up call to mom made request completion of infant lesson.”

Local agencies will determine method of filing the certificate in the chart that best meets the Agency’s needs.


4.   A CPA or Dietitian/Nutritionist must follow-up with the participant at their next office visit regarding the online nutrition course content and any behavior change goals established.