CT: 15 Participant Orientation

Effective Date: 07/09 Downloads: PDF Version    Revised Date: 09/11


All WIC participants are to be instructed of the WIC Program’s operational purpose and procedures as a requirement of each certification or as needed.



At each certification, the required participant orientation consists of:

      • Inform participants why they qualify for WIC; CPA’s will use their critical thinking skills to determine which risk factors to discuss with participants.
      • The positive long-term benefits of nutrition education and encouragement for participants to attend and participate in nutrition education activities
      • The importance of health care: immunizations, well child, prenatal care, family planning, etc.
      • Referrals to health and community services based on category, nutritional risk, federal requirements and need.
      • Explanation of food package and how to shop with WIC food instruments.
      • An explanation of WIC rules, regulations, and participant responsibilities
      • Option to identify proxies and explanation of proxy role; proxies are to be documented on R&R

The following lists a full description for explaining Rights and Responsibilities to the participant at initial certification and as needed:

      • The WIC program as a supplemental and not total food program
      • The importance of the supplemental foods being consumed by the participant for whom they are prescribed rather than the whole family
      • Keep appointments and bring all requested documentation
      • Call and reschedule if unable to come to appointment
      • Participate in only one WIC clinic at a time
      • Choose WIC or CSFP (Commodity Supplemental Food Program): cannot enroll in both programs at the same time
      • Report any changes in income, family size, or eligibility for Medicaid, SNAP, or TANF
      • They have the right to appeal a decision or file a complaint