RR: 6 Receipt of WIC Card Stock

Effective Date: 09/94 Downloads: PDF Version    Revised Date: 05/11


To ensure that local agencies record receipt of WIC EBT card stock immediately upon receipt.



Nevada WIC EBT Card Issuance/Inventory Logs will be included with all deliveries of WIC EBT card orders filled by the State Office. WIC EBT cards will be issued to the Local Agencies in amounts of 325 WIC EBT cards per box. Local Agencies are required to keep track of the number of cards they have in their bulk stock and to maintain an adequate stock without over ordering. The Local Agency is fiscally responsible for the accountability of each WIC EBT card assigned to their inventory.

  • Verification of receipt will be by FedEx delivery notification.
  • One clinic staff member shall be responsible for receiving WIC EBT cards and must verify the beginning and ending WIC EBT cards in the box against the Bulk EBT Card Stock Inventory Control Log.
  • A second non-EBT card issuing staff member shall conduct a monthly inventory of WIC EBT card stock using the gray area on the Nevada WIC EBT Card Issuance/Inventory Log.
  • A Supervisor will assign an individual box to each card issuance staff member. The card issuing staff member will initial on the Bulk EBT Card Stock Inventory Control Log that they have received the assigned box of WIC EBT cards.
  • If the beginning or ending WIC EBT card number does not agree with the included Nevada WIC EBT Card Issuance/Inventory Log the State WIC office must be immediately notified to resolve the problem.
  • Sharing of WIC EBT cards between Local Agencies and clinics is strictly prohibited unless written authorization is issued by State WIC Office.