FD: 8 Replacing WIC EBT Food Benefits Lost in Disasters

Effective Date: 05/96 Downloads: PDF Version    Revised Date: 06/11


Although WIC should not be considered a first-line defense to respond to the needs of the disaster victims when emergency services are available, certain redeemed WIC food benefits (items that were purchased and destroyed or made unavailable due to the disaster) and unredeemed WIC EBT Benefits may be replaced in the event of a disaster.

In the case of an isolated personal misfortune, where one or a few households might be affected by some destructive incident such as a gas line explosion, water main break, or house fire, WIC agencies may replace both:

  • Redeemed WIC food benefits which are destroyed or unavailable, and
  • Unredeemed WIC Food benefits on the EBT Card which has been destroyed.



  1. Determine through collateral contract that the destruction occurred (through documentation from a community agency such as the fire department, the Red Cross or through a home visit).
  2. Have participant sign a statement attesting to the fact that their food benefits and/or WIC EBT Card have been destroyed as a result of the disaster.
  3. Reissue the benefits using a new WIC EBT card.
  4. Report the numbers of any destroyed WIC EBT Cards to the State Office.