CT: 16 Status an EBT Card

Effective Date: 04/10 Downloads: PDF Version    Revised Date: 07/12


A participant/family terminated from the program will have their EBT card status updated to Do Not Replace/No Access.


When to Status an EBT Card

Any time a participant or family is terminated from the program the EBT card must be updated to reflect the status change.


Only update the status on the card as indicated above if the participant or entire family will no longer be using the card. If you have a family on a card and only one of them is no longer eligible, DO NOT status the card. If you do, the other members on the card will not be able to redeem their benefits.


How to Status an EBT Card

To update the card status you will access the Household Information box in the WIC MIS system. Enter a 5 in the Benefit Access box and a 2 in the Special Handling box. This will prevent the participant from using any benefits remaining on the card and also prevent JP Morgan from replacing a card for a family number that is no longer in use.


Note: The card status can be updated back to Full Access/No Restrictions at any time. Full Access/No Restrictions is the default values of 4 in the Benefit Access box and 0 in the Special Handling box.


If a participant loses their card they need to call JP Morgan to get a replacement card. Do not use this procedure or the replacement card will not work.

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