Retail Integration

Retailer Integration Project

The purpose of the Nevada WIC Program EBT Retailer Integration Project is to migrate WIC-Approved Retailers to a fully integrated, online ECR/POS/VAR system. Integration will benefit over 65,000 participants each month, who redeem over $43 million in WIC food benefits each year through Nevada’s 206+ WIC-Approved Retailers.

In a fully integrated online environment, vendors and participants will realize a number of improvements, such as:

  1. A streamlined WIC transaction process eliminating the current requirement of duplicate item scanning, which will significantly increase customer pass through and allow retail vendors to process more transactions in the same amount of time;
  2. The removal of the existing “stand-beside” WIC point of sale devices in favor of the standard credit card terminals currently in use for automated transactions, which will preserve in-lane space;
  3. Electronic Cash Register Point of Sale Systems utilize network connections, which allows for the streamlining transaction activity within the existing integrated vendor environment;
  4. Improved customer service by reducing the amount of time necessary to process a WIC transaction;
  5. Eliminate the stigma associated with an easily identifiable WIC purchase. Integration will enhance the dignity with which WIC participants receive their food prescription, while improving the in-lane-flow for the retailer, thus resulting in a positive and efficient in-lane experience for both the participant and the retailer.

Nevada is already successfully operating with an online stand-beside EBT system. The next and final component in this realm of online EBT is to integrate the retailers’ ECR/POS/VAR Systems.