Ordering Forms

Procedure For Submitting
Clinic Supply Orders

All orders are to be entered using the online order form. Clinic supply orders are to be submitted to the State office by the 15th of each month per policy (RR: 5) guidelines.
Please, only order enough supplies for the current month. Do not order supplies in excess.
Items will no longer go on back order; you will be notified if certain items are not in stock (NIS) upon
receipt of items ordered. You must reorder NIS items if necessary in the following months.

Supply Ordering

  1. Ensure that the electronic Clinic Supply Order Form is filled out accurately. Please provide the required information including any special instructions.
  2. Enter appropriate amounts in the designated area and send to order basket.
    Note: Items with a minimum or maximum quantity to order are indicated on the form.
  3. An e-mail confirming receipt of your order will be returned to the sender. If you do not receive this notice may indicate that your order was not received.
  4. Along with your order for supplies, the state office will enclose a packing slip listing the items which were filled from your supply order form. Items that are not in stock (NIS) will be handwritten on the packing slip. If necessary, reorder NIS items until they become available.

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