FD: 5 Issuing Nevada WIC EBT Cards

Effective Date: 09/09 Downloads: PDF Version    Revised Date: 12/15


The State of Nevada WIC utilizes WIC Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards referred to as EBT cards. The Nevada WIC EBT Cards contain both a food prescription for a participant to purchase specific allowable WIC foods in specific authorized quantities, and a cash value benefit(CVB) for a participant to use towards the purchase of fresh, frozen or canned fruits and vegetables. The term EBT card is inclusive of all WIC EBT benefits and cash value benefit(s) contained on the WIC EBT card.

Upon completion of initial certification and at subsequent visits, participants are issued WIC benefits on their WIC EBT cards, which allow the participant, parents/caretakers, or proxies to purchase their food package from an authorized WIC vendor.


Determining Participant Benefit Issuance

Participants must be placed on a benefit issuance cycle appropriate to their needs. “Benefit Issuance Cycle” refers to a card holder receiving WIC benefits every month (monthly), every other month (bi-monthly), or every three months (tri-monthly). A participant receiving bi-monthly benefits receives one month of benefits which they can use immediately, and a second set they can use beginning the following 30 days. If benefits are triple issued, a third set of benefits are given which can be used 60 days after the original issuance date.


  • Monthly Benefits Issuance Cycle– Card holder is issued benefits one month at a time. Cardholder’s benefits will be issued at their monthly appointment.


  • Bi-Monthly Benefits Issuance Cycle-Card holder is issued two months worth of benefits at a time. The first month’s benefits will be available on the EBT card immediately. The second month’s benefits will be available to the card holder 30 days after the original issuance date.


  • Tri-Monthly Benefit Issuance Cycle-Card holder is issued three months worth of benefits at a time. The first month’s benefits will be available on the EBT card immediately. The second month’s benefits will be available to the card holder 30 days after original issuance date. The third month’s benefits will be available for use 60 days after the original issuance date.


When determining the participants benefit issuance cycle the CPA will take into account the participants monitoring and/or nutrition education needs. Consideration should be given to other participating family members.

Participants should be placed on a monthly benefits cycle if:

  • Lacking documentation at certification
  • Determined to be high risk
  • Show need for extra monitoring
  • Show need for extra nutrition education


Participants may be placed on a bi-monthly benefits cycle if:

  • Determined to be high risk
  • Show need for extra monitoring
  • Show need for extra nutrition education

The remainder of WIC participants not requiring special follow-up can be placed on the tri-monthly cycle.

Refer to the “WIC Clinic Computer Application Procedure Manual” for details on imputing food benefit cycles.


Selecting a Vendor

Authorized WIC Vendors accepting WIC benefits must sign and keep an agreement with the Nevada State Health Division, which lists the authorized WIC supplemental food and procedures the vendor must follow when conducting WIC transactions.

Each local agency will ensure that clinics have a current statewide list of all authorized vendors. The list is available upon request or can be found on our webpage at: http://health.nv.gov/WIC.htm and updates are automatically sent to clinics when they occur.

Clinic staff should allow each participant to review the list of vendors for the county or shopping area requested. Participants are able to redeem their WIC benefits at Any Authorized WIC Vendor (AAV).


Imputing Authorized WIC Foods

Each authorized WIC food that is available at most retail locations is listed in policy FD:4 Authorized WIC Foods. Each food has a corresponding two character alphanumeric code preceding it on the list. This code is used when imputing the food package into the computer application.

Food codes and corresponding amounts will differ with each client, as individual     food package tailoring may be required.


Issuing Benefits

Once the participant’s food package has been imputed and submitted, a CPA, Nutritionist / RD must complete the following for every cardholder (To maintain participant confidentiality, cover all previous participant signatures on the Nevada WIC EBT Card Issuance / Inventory Log. See CR:1):

  • Record issued EBT card number on the Food Instrument register.
  • The participant, parents/caretakers or proxies must sign the Food Instrument register next to the Food Instrument(s) they are receiving.
  • Training the participant, parents/caretakers or proxies on the use of the WIC EBT card issued (required on first certification and for participant violations). This includes training on the use of the Cash Value Benefit (CVB). The CVB amount has been issued on the EBTcard as a dollar amount to be used for fresh, frozen or canned fruits and vegetables only. Staff is responsible for educating the participant that they may pay the difference between the CVB amount and the actual purchase amount of the fruit and vegetable products with their own funds (such as, cash, credit card, personal check and SNAP benefits).
  • Provide each card holder with the JP Morgan Your Nevada WIC EBT Card instruction booklet and the Nevada WIC Programs Approved Foods List brochure. Additional copies may be obtained by contacting the State WIC office.


Refer to Policies FD: 2 WIC EBT Card Stock Security and GP: 2 Separation of duties for further guidance.

Clinic staff must provide participants, parents/caretakers, or proxies with instructions on the proper use of the Nevada WIC EBT Card.

Clinic staff must notify participants, parents/caretakers, or proxies that they have the right to complain about improper vendor practices. 

Clinic staff must ensure that no more than 3-months of benefits are issued at any one time to any participant, parent/caretakers, or proxies.