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Nutrition Education

WIC’s Nutrition Education

Nutrition education is the program benefit that sets WIC apart from other nutrition assistance programs.

The broad goals of WIC nutrition education are to:

  1. Emphasize the relationship between nutrition, physical activity and health with special emphasis on the nutritional needs of pregnant, postpartum and breastfeeding women; infants; and children up to the age of five.
  2. Assist the individual who is at nutritional risk in achieving a positive change in dietary and physical activity habits resulting in improved nutritional status and in the prevention of nutrition-related problems through the optimal use of WIC supplemental foods and other nutritious foods.

Nutrition Education and Counseling

WIC nutrition education encourages you to play a more active role in learning. Participant centered nutrition education makes learning more engaging and meaningful.

Nutrition education is offered in several different ways:

  1. Individual counseling
  2. Group session
  3. Online class through

Participants with serious health or nutrition concerns will receive one on one counseling from a WIC nutritionist. 

What is is a nutrition education website. A completed lesson counts as a nutrition education contact. High-risk participants can complete a lesson on topics that interest them but will need to see the WIC nutritionist for nutrition education.

It is simple to get started!  See brief how-to videos Click here

  1. Go to
  2. Sign up and complete your profile. You will need your family ID number. Call your clinic if you do not have this number.
  3. Click “Start a new lesson” on our dashboard.
  4. Select the lesson WIC staff helped you choose based on your nutrition goal.
  5. Complete the lesson.
  6. Fill out the survey.
  7. You will receive a Certificate of Completion. The certificate will be sent to your WIC clinic.