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Social / Emotional - Images & Video Clips

  • Copies others, especially adults and older children image
  • Gets excited when with other children image
  • Shows more and more independence image
  • Shows defiant behavior (doing what he has been told not to) video clip
  • Plays mainly beside other children, but is beginning to include other children, such as in chase games video clip

Language / Communication - Images & Video Clips

  • Points to things or pictures when they are named video clip
  • Knows names of familiar people and body parts video clip
  • Says sentences with 2 to 4 words video clip
  • Follows simple instructions video clip
  • Repeats words overheard in conversation video clip
  • Points to things in a book image

Cognitive - Images & Video Clips

  • Finds things even when hidden under two or three covers image 1 image 2
  • Begins to sort shapes and colors image
  • Completes sentences and rhymes in familiar books video clip
  • Plays simple make-believe games image
  • Builds towers of 4 or more blocks image
  • Might use one hand more than the other video clip
  • Follows two-step instructions such as “Pick up your shoes and put them in the closet.” video clip
  • Names items in a picture book such as a cat, bird, or dog video clip

Movement / Physical Development - Images & Video Clips

2 Year Old Checklist (English)

2 Year Checklist - Downloadable PDF

  • You can take printed Checklist with you and talk with your child's doctor at every well-child visit about the milestones your child has reached and what to expect next. 
  • Can also fill out same checklist on CDC Milestone Tracker App.

  • Your Child at 2 Years *

    Milestones matter! How your child plays, learns, speaks, acts, and moves offers important clues about his or her development. Check the milestones your child has reached by age 2.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • YY - MM (year, full month)
  • What Most Children Do by this Age:

  • * It's Time for Developmental Screening!

    At 2 years, your child is due for an autism screening, as recommended for all children by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Ask the doctor about your child's developmental screening.
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