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Breast Pumps and Breastfeeding Accessories

Nevada WIC provides breast pumps and breastfeeding accessories at no cost to qualifying WIC participants. See below for additional resources and information.

Breast Pumps

Breast pumps can be great tools for breastfeeding moms.  WIC provides a variety of breast pumps to help WIC participants meet their breastfeeding goals.  If you have given birth and need a pump, please reach out to your local WIC clinic or call us at 1-800-863-8942.

Breastfeeding Accessories

You don't need a lot of tools to successfully breastfeed, but having the right things on-hand can help.  If you need bra pads, pump parts or other breast pump accessories Nevada WIC is here for you.  Reach out to your local WIC clinic or call us at 1-800-863-8942.

Breast Pump Assembly Videos

Ameda -Milk 101

Videos and information in English and Spanish on a number of topics, including how to assemble and use Ameda Elite and Mya Joy.

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Hygeia Enjoye Breast Pump

Video in English on how to assemble your Hygeia Enjoye Breast Pump. Spanish Subtitles available.

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Medela Lactina

Video in English with Spanish subtitles on how to assemble and use your Medela Lactina breast pump.

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Common Breastfeeding Roadblocks

Run into some roadblocks on your breastfeeding journey? Check out the interactive list below or reach out to your local WIC clinic for help and support. Remember- You Got This!

Breastfeeding Basics for Dads

Dads can support breastfeeding! WIC can show you how.

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Your Breastfeeding Rights

Know your rights to breastfeed in public and at work.

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Low Milk Supply

Many moms worry about having low milk supply, although many make exactly what baby needs.

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Common Breastfeeding Challenges

Breastfeeding can be a journey with ups and downs. WIC is here to help!

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Plugged Ducts, Mastitis, and Thrush

There is help for plugged ducts, mastitis, and other breast infections.

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Learn what engorgement is- and how to treat it.

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Pumping and Hand Expression Basics

New to milk expression? Here's what you need to know before you get started.

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Using Bottles with a Breastfed Baby

Planning to be apart from baby? Find tips for feeding baby with expressed breast milk.

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How Much Milk Will I Express?

Most moms make just the right about of breast milk for their baby.

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Combination Feeding and Maintaining Milk Supply

What is combination feeding, how to do it, and keep making breast milk.

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Making Milk Expression Work for You

Get tips and see how pumping can can help solve your breastfeeding challenges.

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Storing and Thawing Breast Milk

To make being away from your baby easier, learn how to store and thaw breast milk-safely.

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WIC is Here for You!

If you find yourself needing lactation support, do not hesitate to reach out to your local WIC clinic.