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CPA, RD and Nutritionist

Training Requirements

A CPA must complete the following competency-based training within the associated timeframes:

All four stages of Training within 6 months of hire – CPAs and RD/Nutritionists are required to complete all four stages of training. The training modules are self-paced. RDs and Nutritionists are recommended, but not required to complete the stage 3 nutrition guidebooks. Further guidance on completing the WIC training modules can be obtained by referencing the Employee Training Plan (See Appendix GP: I).

State provided breastfeeding training within 1 year of hire – All CPAs, RDs, and Nutritionists are required to complete this comprehensive breastfeeding training once every five (5) years. Staff can attend a course offered by the State WIC Office or another similar course with State Breastfeeding Coordinator’s approval.

Online Nutrition and CPA Refresher Courses are required to be completed every five years from date of initial completion.