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The following is a list of the authorized WIC foods and computer codes for the State of Nevada WIC Program


Food Classification Code Food Description
Milk MW Gallon Fluid Whole Milk
MY Half-Gallon Fluid Whole Milk
MU Quart Fluid Whole Milk
MX Gallon Fluid 1%, or Fat Free Milk
MZ Half-Gallon Fluid 1% or Fat Free Milk
MV Quart Fluid 1% or Fat Free Milk
GM Gallon Fluid 2% Milk
HM Half-Gallon Fluid 2% Milk
QM Quart Fluid 2% Milk
LW Half-Gallon Lactose (Reduced/Free) Whole Milk
LR Quart Lactose (Reduced/Free) Whole Milk
LL Half-Gallon Lactose (Reduced/Free) 1% or Fat Free Milk
LQ Quart Lactose (Reduced/Free) 1% or Fat Free Milk
LH Half-Gallon Lactose (Reduced/Free) 2% Milk
LT Quart Lactose (Reduced/Free) 2% Milk
AW Half-Gallon Acidophilus Whole Milk
AR Half-Gallon Acidophilus 1% or Fat Free Milk
AH Half-Gallon Acidophilus 2% Milk
EW 12 oz. can Evaporated  Whole Milk
ER 12 oz. can Evaporated  1% or Fat Free Milk
EC 12 oz. can Evaporated  2% Milk
GW Quart Fresh Whole Goat Milk
GR Quart Fresh 1% or Fat Free Goat Milk
GQ Quart Fresh 2% Goat Milk
PG Quart Powdered Goat Milk
EM 12 oz. can Evaporated Goat Milk
PW Quart Powdered Dry Whole Milk
PR Quart Powdered Dry 1% or Fat Free Milk
PQ Quart Powdered Dry 2% Milk
UW* Quart UHT Whole Milk
UR* Quart UHT 1% or Fat Free Milk
UQ* Quart UHT 2% Milk
Eggs EG Dozen Eggs
Cheese CH Pound Cheese
Cereal CE Ounces Cereal
Juice JD Ounces Convenient Pack Juice (Homeless pkg ONLY)
JG 11.5-12 oz. can Concentrated Juice
JH 64 oz. Plastic Bottle Juice or Paper Carton

* Use for Homeless pkg as well. Homeless ONLY can get 3-pk 8 oz UHT (train participant)

Food Classification Code Food Description
Legumes LP Ounce Peanut Butter
LD Pound Dry Beans or Peas
BN Cans of Beans
Canned Fish FI Ounces Canned Fish
Fresh Fruits & Vegetables CV Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
Whole Grains WG Ounces Whole Grains
Tofu TO Ounces Tofu
Baby Fruits & Vegetables BF Ounces Baby Fruits & Vegetables
Baby Meats BM Ounces Baby Meats
Soy Beverage BS Half-Gallon Fluid Soy Beverage
BQ Quart Fluid Soy Beverage
Infant Cereal GB 8 oz. Box Infant Cereal
Milk-Based         Rebate Formula SF Similac Advance – 12.4 oz. Powdered
SG Similac Advance – 13 oz. can Concentrate
SH Similac Advance – Quart (32 oz.) Ready-to-Feed
Lactose-Reduced Rebate Formula                        (Med Doc Required) IO Similac Sensitive For Fussiness and Gas – 12 oz. Powdered
NZ Similac Sensitive For Fussiness and Gas – Quart (32 oz.) Ready-to-Feed
RP Similac Sensitive For Spit Up – 12 oz. Powdered
RS Similac Sensitive For Spit Up – Quart (32 oz.) Ready-to-Feed
TC Similac Total Comfort – 12 oz. can Powdered
Soy-Based         Rebate Formula            (Lactose-Free) GX Good Start Soy – 12.9 oz. can Powdered
GY Good Start Soy – 12.1 fl oz. can Concentrate
GZ Good Start Soy – 33.8 oz. Ready-to-Feed
Non-Rebate Formulas SE Similac Expert Care Alimentum – 12.1 oz. can Powdered
(Med Doc Required) SA Similac Expert Care Alimentum – Quart (32 oz.)  Ready-to-Feed
IY Similac Expert Care For Diarrhea – Quart (32 oz.) Ready-to-Feed
**Note: Only WIC-eligible speciality formulas that are available over the counter are listed. For other’s refer to current Medical Food Breakdown SO Similac Expert Care Neosure – 13.1 oz. can Powdered
SS Similac Expert Care Neosure – Quart (32 oz.) Ready-to-Feed
PE Pediasure (6-Pack) – 8 oz. cans
PF Pediasure with Fiber (6-Pack) – 8 oz. cans
AE Ensure/Ensure Plus (6-Pack) – 8 oz. cans
AB Boost (6-Pack) – 8 oz. cans
AK Boost Kid Essentials (4-Pack) – 8 oz. cans
AP Boost Plus (6-Pack) – 8 oz. cans
NF Nutramigen Lipil LGG – 12.6 oz. can Powdered
SC Nutramigen Lipil – 13 oz. can Concentrate
SD Nutramigen Lipil – Quart (32 oz.) Ready-to-Feed
SP Pregestimil Lipil – 16 oz. can Powdered
SQ Enfamil Enfacare Lipil – 12.8 oz. can Powdered
DS Direct Ship (to be used ONLY when issuing Special Order Formula)