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Local WIC agencies shall provide Breastfeeding Education.

To ensure that all pregnant participants are provided with culturally appropriate, participant-centered breastfeeding education that facilitates participants making an informed decision on infant feeding.


  1. Clinics will provide breastfeeding education that:
  • Incorporates community/national breastfeeding messages: i.e., American Academy of Pediatrics Policy Statement on Breastfeeding, Healthy People 2020 Goals and Objectives, CDC Guidelines for Introducing Solids.
  • Reinforces that solid foods should not replace breastfeeding, but complement breast milk as the infant’s main source of nutrients throughout the first year. Refer to Appendix X, Infant Feeding Guide.
  • Uses effective strategies, techniques and educational materials that are culturally appropriate to the participant.
  • Actively endorses the provision of human milk as the preferred method of feeding infants, including premature and sick newborns with rare exceptions.
  • Defines situations when breastfeeding is contraindicated.
  • Establishes resources and criteria for referral through WIC and the community.  See Policy Outreach and Referral RR: 2 for guidance on establishing referral criteria.
  • Respects a mother’s informed decision as to choice of infant feeding method.
  • Includes the participant’s family and friends whenever possible.
  • Ensures that staff and participant interactions are a routine part of each learning encounter.
  • Materials used facilitate improved health status and achieve positive change in nutrition habits.
  1. Lesson plans are to be approved by the Local Agency Breastfeeding Coordinator and a copy sent to the State Breastfeeding Coordinator. See Appendix NE (e) and NE (f) for Group Education Curriculum Development Guide and Curriculum Approval Rubric
  2. Lesson plans are to be kept on file for review purposes.
  3. Breastfeeding education will be documented in the same manner as other nutrition education on the participant’s Service Documentation Form.
  4. Any breastfeeding education materials (i.e. handouts, brochures, videotapes) not provided by the state office must be approved by the state office prior to purchase.



NE (e) Group Education Curriculum Development Guide

NE (f) Curriculum Approval Rubric

X: Infant Feeding Guide