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Nevada WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counseling Programs require coordination and monitoring by the state WIC office and local WIC agency peer counselor coordinators.


  1. To receive funding and technical support in providing breastfeeding peer counseling, local WIC programs are required to follow the procedures described in this policy.
  • Funding for peer counseling will be provided through a separate sub-grant award.
  • Local programs must monitor breastfeeding peer counseling program expenditures to assure they are correctly reported in a timely manner.
  1. The State WIC program shall designate a State Peer Counseling Coordinator.
  2. Local agencies shall designate a Peer Counseling Coordinator.
  3. Local agencies will be assessed monthly for peer counseling participation enrollment through the submission of the peer counseling monthly enrollment tracking spreadsheet. Local agencies will be visited bi-annually by the Peer Counseling Program Coordinator to ensure compliance with program standards and provide technical assistance. See Appendix V, Peer Counseling Site Review Tool.
  4. The local program shall coordinate with appropriate partners in the community. See BF Policy #1
  5. Local Agencies are required to submit quarterly and annual Peer Counseling Reports to the State Breastfeeding Coordinator and Peer Counseling Program Coordinator to track breastfeeding rates and goals.
  6. Local programs shall identify at least one person in the agency or community who will provide basic breastfeeding technical assistance.  The state WIC office shall provide breastfeeding technical assistance in situations that local agencies cannot address. See BF Policy #1
  7. Local modifications to the Peer Counseling Policies must be approved by the State WIC office.
  8. When hiring a Peer Counselors, the local agency shall refer to Appendix: K Application for Breastfeeding Peer Counselor, Appendix L for Job Description Breastfeeding Peer Counselor and Appendix M for Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Job Interview Form.
  9. When a peer counselor is hired she will complete the “Equipment and Materials Issued” form.  See Appendix N. When the peer counselor resigns or her employment is terminated, she returns all equipment issued and completes an Exit Survey.  See Appendix O. 
  10. The participant shall receive services from the peer counselor as specified in the Loving Support Through Peer Counseling: A Journey Together training manual.
  11. The peer counselor shall document all participant contacts and attempted contacts using forms provided by the State WIC Program.  See Appendix P, PC Client Log.
  12. The peer counselor shall document all time worked using forms provided by the State WIC office or local agency.
  13. Peer counselors shall work within the scope of practice as defined in their training and refer all other situations to the lactation specialist.  See Appendix Q for Referral Guidelines and Appendix U for IBCLC Referral Protocol.
  14. Peer counselors shall follow participant confidentiality regulations.  Peer counselors must read and sign a Confidentiality Statement.  See form Appendix R Nevada WIC Confidentiality Statement.
  15. Peer counselor positions may be permanent, temporary or contractual.  Local agencies may provide benefits according to their local Human Resources Policy.
  16. Peer counselors will not be reimbursed for routine travel to their assigned clinic(s).
  17. Peer counselors will be reimbursed for the following expenses:
  • Fees, mileage, lodging and meals for all required training.
  • Mileage for local travel to meetings not held at the peer counselor’s assigned clinic(s) and for hospital or home visits related to breastfeeding peer counseling services.
  • Mileage will be reimbursed at the current General Services Administration (GSA) state rates.
  • The purchase of preapproved supplies. 
  1. Peer counselors shall be allowed to work flexible hours, including from home during non-clinic hours.  This will allow peer counselors to be more available to participants during evenings and weekends when participants typically need the breastfeeding encouragement and support.
  2. Peer counselors shall be issued cell phones for all peer counseling   related business and adhere to guidelines set by the state office for their use.  See Appendix S Cell Phone Policy.
  3. Peer counselors shall use breast pumps as a demonstration tool only. Peer counselors shall not clean, distribute, or track breast pumps using Peer Counseling funds.
  4. Peer counselors with dual roles (i.e. peer counselor and CPA) must maintain a time and effort log (Appendix Y) distinguishing time spent performing peer counselor duties versus time spent performing CPA duties. The time and effort log should be kept at the clinic site.
  5. At the initial participant certification, CPA shall offer the Peer Counseling Program to the pregnant or post-partum woman as an optional supplemental resource, as opposed to a mandatory program. Participants must “opt-in” to the program to be assigned a Peer Counselor. See Appendix W, Peer Counseling Program Introduction Script.



K:  Application for Breastfeeding Peer Counselor

L:  Job Description for Peer Counselor

N:  Equipment and Materials Issued Form

O:  Exit Survey

P:  PC Client Contact Log

Q:  Referral Guidelines

R: Confidentiality Statement

S: Cell Phone Policy

V: Peer Counseling Site Review Tool

W: Peer Counseling Program Introduction Script

Y: Peer Counseling Time and Effort Log