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All local agencies shall follow specific protocol for the return of Multi-User Double Electric Breast Pump (MU Pump) for service and/or repair.


When receiving a Multi-User Double Electric Breast Pump (s) (MU Pump) needing service or repair, the following procedures shall be followed.


  1. Immediately upon receipt of a broken or unserviceable MU pump (s), the MU Service and Repair Form (MU S&R) shall be completely filled out for each individual pump with the following:
  • The name of WIC staff member receiving the MU pump (s)
  • Clinic name and clinic number that the breast pump belongs to
  • Return address for clinic that the MU Pump (s) is coming from
  • Serial number of MU pumps (s).
  • Problem that MU Pump (s) is being turned in for.
    • Make sure that this section is filled out before participant leaves clinic.
  1. Prior to shipping the MU pump to the State WIC Office, the local agency shall:
  • Complete the online MU S&R and email using the online link
  •  Email to inform the State office. Include the pump serial number in the email. The state office will then determine whether the pump is under warranty.
  1. Upon receipt of this notification at the State office, state office personnel will verify with the State Inventory Log to see if the MU pump is under warranty, and notify WIC clinic of the status
  2. If the pump is not under warranty, clinic staff shall follow the following steps
  • Log on to and follow the steps to return the pump to Medela for recycling.
  • Medela will email you a prepaid USPS return shipping label for you to return the pump.
  • For State Staff: update the State Inventory Log, indicating in the Notes section that the pump has been “retired”

5.  If the pump is under warranty, clinic staff shall follow the following steps:

  • Contact Medela customer service at 800-435-8316 to receive a Return Authorization Number (RMA) and a call reference number. Document these numbers.
  • Verify the MU pump serial number with Medela as well as the clinic address of where the pump will be shipped from.
  • For Repairs:
    • Medela will send your UPS shipping label as an attachment in an email to the State office. The State office will forward this email to you. Print the attached UPS shipping label and affix to your shipping box.
  • For Bug Infestation:
    • In the event that a participant informs you or gives you any indications that a pump is infested with bugs, such as bed bugs or roaches, DO NOT INSPECT pump. Follow these procedures instead:
      • Double bag the MU pump and put in a shipping box.
      • Write on box with permanent marker the RMA # and the word “INFESTED.”
      • Mail to below Medela address. Medela will not provide shipping label for infestation.
  • When shipping MU pump to Medela, place the RMA # on the outside of the box, and return to:

Pump Returns

Medela, Inc.

1011 Corporate Dr., Door #4501

McHenry, IL 60050

  • After issuance of the RMA # for MU pump, Medela will send out a notice letter if the pump is not received within 3 days of RMA # issuance. A total of three notice letters will be generated by Medela; day 3, day 8 and day 15 to notify the state that the pump in question was not received.
  • Clinic staff shall notify the State office of the RMA number once MU pump has been shipped.
  • For State Staff: Enter the Return Authorization Number (RMA) and shipment date in the State Inventory Log under the repair column. 

6.  Once the MU pump has been serviced:

  • Local WIC clinic shall fax or scan their packing slip to state office when they have received serviced MU pump.
  • When state office receives signed packing slip from local WIC clinic, they shall verify the serial number of MU pump and record in the State Inventory Log the date in which the local WIC clinic received MU pump.



U:  MU Service and Repair Form