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How to become a WIC Approved Vendor

The Nevada WIC Program authorizes vendors for a 3 year agreement period.  Applications submitted outside of this enrollment period are only considered if there will be inadequate participant access to a WIC approved store.

Only retailers that are authorized as WIC Vendors by the State of Nevada WIC Program may redeem Nevada WIC benefits

To become a WIC Approved Vendor, you must:

  •  Be a full line grocery store including meat, dairy, produce (fresh, frozen and canned), and dry goods.
  •  Have a permanent fixed location for your store with adequate refrigeration, freezer and shelf space.
  •  Be in compliance with SNAP.
  • Meet WIC minimum stock requirements for required items at ALL times.
  • Keep your pricing competitive with similarly situated vendors.
  • Purchase your infant formula from an approved distributor.
  • EBT compatibility.
  • Review the Vendor Selection Criteria PDF.

If you meet the requirements, please submit a completed Vendor Application to the State WIC office at:

400 W. King Street Ste. 300

Carson City, NV 89703

For further information please see the forms below or please contact the State WIC office at 775-684-5942.