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Farmers and Farmers Market

Farmers and Farmers Market

The Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) provides Nevada (NV) WIC eligible participants with benefits to buy locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables from authorized farmers across the state.

How to apply to be an authorized farmer?

All farmers interested in accepting WIC FMNP benefits must apply to be an authorized farmer. WIC FMNP is operating separately from the Senior’s Farmer Market this year, so it may mean you have to re-apply to accept WIC FMNP benefits.

A link to the farmer’s application and agreement will be provided here, June 2024. Please check back!

Important Dates

Accepting WIC FMNP Benefits

Nevada FMNP is pleased to announce it received ARPA grant funding to improve benefit delivery via the use of a web-based mobile benefit delivery software. This will eliminate the use of paper vouchers. The transition to electronic transaction technology streamlines using benefits for WIC families and will increase the use of benefits at farmers markets. It will also allow farmers to receive payments more quickly.

Training regarding this new technology and accepting WIC FMNP benefits will be provided during the farmer training session. Resources will be provided here as available. Please check back!

Farmers Resources and Materials